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Welcome to OpenRoleplaySIM. Simply a set of assistance guides for getting a Linux-powered OpenSIM Grid up & running! OpenSIM by OpenSimulator is an open-source reverse engineering of Linden Lab's Second Life software. 

Allowing someone to create a world of their own (and/or their friends) outside Second Life's ecosystem where they can roleplay in a safe place within their control. Along with the feature called Hypergrid a user can teleport from one grid to another public world hosted by other operator.

Which already today there are many! Much like visiting a website, just enter the address of where you want to go and it will attempt to connect and load the 3D environment (a region). There are also websites out which index public regions, like a address book of these places, what they are about and more! If you have your world up, or apart of one, you can find your way around the hypergrid with Opensimworld> [./about], the social community website for Hypergriders, and database of public regions which anyone on a hypergrid enabled OpenSIM can goto.

OpenSIM can be configured to run in many different ways. Primarily there are a couple of modes. Standalone & grid (or called ROBUST) modes. Standalone despite how it sounds can be used to Hypergrid and is the simpler configuration but not intended to be, well, all that robust for larger setups as after a while each region is best ran under its own process (which standalone mode can't) than just a single one (Example, if one region on a standalone lags, they all lag if there is more then one region running.).

Here we are going to be covering Standalone to keep management costs on the cheap. But it is advised that if you plan to expand beyond 15+ active registered users, 5+ active regions (this may vary based on how heavy each region, ideally lite in this mode.) should convert to ROBUST mode. However, I consider Standalone mode a nice starting point for new operators who may only want a private space for themselves and/or a few friends. It's a chance to also ease yourself into OpenSIM, how to make changes to its configs, and how it works along with how to deal with its more charming quirks (sarcasm, some can be a pain but try not to be discouraged).

The aim of these guides will be low cost as possible. While all options are of course up to the user to use as they can use the software however they please as per software licenses used by OpenSIM. It is highly recommended before proceeding you set up a Virtual Machine (VM) for practice with Ubuntu which will be used here due to its availability on many affordable virtual private servers and dedicated server providers. If you are able to open ports on your network pointing to the VM should work, but may be highly unreliable. So don't intend your final setup to run on VirtualBox that is not rated for that. OpenRoleplaySIM[RPS] is not responsible for users' purchases they end up not happy with.

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[TLD Secured,]
| by ~./lainmakoto

Nothing else to report on other then I went ahead and got a proper domain now. Things appears to be routeing. Still busy in RL but sorta been tinkering with some stuff in the background.

But the domain issue is solved. No longer do I need to worry about it. It's now the new home for the site for now on. when things in RL settle down ill try to shift gears and start working on things more often here, and try to get things pushed out for everyone to use.

[Slow slow, busy busy]
| by ~./lainmakoto

Well... I was going to do something that get a new TLD for the most part free for the first year, but that method sorta went up in smoke, but thats OK. I still plan to get the one I have in mind as its cheap enough, but life has me busy at the moment to worry about it right now. working on moving soon and once I am settled i might be able to work more on the project some more.

[Bye bye GA]
| by ~./lainmakoto

As expected, GA Domains are being reclaimed as they are no longer under the control of freenom. Which sucks for anyone who paid premium for their GA domain. Freenom certainly is a sinking ship as I expected. More things are still being work on, and hopfully things will be more offical here soon.

[Project format selected]
| by ~./lainmakoto

I am still working on things in regards with the domain, but for now things are stable. But some changes are ahead as I work on methods to get things up and running much better.

First, the name orps is now considered a codename and later on will be retired. A new name along with a domain is in mind but classfield till it can be registered.

Second, the platform will outline some options for DIY, Hire, and some sub menus. The goal is to try to keep things clean, yet simple.

Hire, will not be open right away. It will be for those that need something setup on the production level rather than private. More details on this offer will come later. DIY, for the do it yourself person will go over what will be needed to get started, along with a download for a presetup virtual toolkit which can be used to connect to the server and run the setup script being worked to help fly by allot of the twist and turns as much as possible but some user input will still be needed. Such as info on a users domain, server IP, and other log in details.

There still more to get done, but the project not dead. If anything working with some new tools to get things going little faster. But still not ready to say any dates.

| by ~./lainmakoto

I am still considering options for a paid domain instead of the free options for general stability of my own setup here, but still plan on including the free options I have come across that will work for those on the budget in the guides when things are ready.

The domain still seems to be working for the moment but far as i know, stills cant register new ones at this time, and often their login portal fails more often then I would like and like to not be stressing come the renewal window if I cant even login and then poof cant get it back. So I decided they cant be trusted anymore, which is sad it was a awsome free TLD option, and I liked it when it was working and often liked to think of GA like Grid Address, which befit OpenSIM HG.

I am working on altering all the places where I am linking back to the site to the primary fallback which is now just primary for now. Some links internal might still go back to GA as there still some things I still need to transfers. If I end up just sticking with it, allot my stuff will also end up using the backend line domains which offer a few extra DNS record options the other isn't supported such as TXT Records, I mainly use the lesser for the shorter domain, and the backends are what maybe embeded or even used by own OpenSIM Regions.

Honestly, all typed out in the odd way I have it setup right now for my own just looks weird and might spoke people away from the guides. So its ether long odd domains or paid ones I guess. Depends what I find is best to set things up under and what i can do without for hopfully a strong setup. If at the end of the day i can get it all under the shorter option the guide will reflect it but also should fit to paid domains.

| by ~./lainmakotobr>
With things still looking unknown with my current domain register, which offered free root level domains, that would be handy in the affordability aim of running small OpenSIM worlds. However unless you already have  a domain, least for now that's the only way. New domains seem to be "Out of order" with claims of returning shortly, with shortly now going on whats feels like forever now, along with the stories and claims that can be read about them. 

It maybe not idea to stack the bets.. Sure I could pay for a domain. But I personally need to watch every cent.. every cent. Which I may change that come next month or so with some returns on some redemption which should be coming in, which I might use on a domain baring any major cost, or least go about it around a point time where i expect my cost to be low so doing it then should mean also future renew dates fall about the same time. 

But I still plan to look into entirely free options to keep cost down for those in role play groups with small budgets. Some offer pretty large list of sub domain options but their DNS Record options for their free domains are too restrictive, but not to say it wouldn't work. It most likely would work just fine in the the right configuration. But the one I have in mind I think can be done with another I been looking at which also has a free web hosting plan with a sub domain that's pretty short, and not really a word. So its not a weird or cheap looking as a word that don't fit the subject, or says DNS in it.

It could handle most the web frontend, being something outside the server running your OpenSIM so you have a way to show news on your server if it was to go offline. Hosting also the free short domain which can have added subnames to the subdomain which can then be pointed to the server. which then would go to the backend being the server running OpenSIM, and other private services you may have such as a private DNS, personal VPN, etc.

I also plan to have a downloadable virtual machine that can then be imported to virtualbox with all the prep tools, and running in Linux to make it as easy as possible to follow along, the interface will be as simple as possible, with all the correct tools in place and ready to go.  Along with a tool to setup free 256GB of encrypted cloud storage to store notes and backups of for your work. 
Current Domains.  (primary. which might poof anytime..) (primary fallback, embeds
there are also & which are being used as backends, but the primary ones are all thats needed to be known right now.

| by ~./lainmakoto

[update] There a chance all might go offline. This will not mean I am done. the domain register something is up with (yes i know the stories) and for all i know might melt down or just yoink for the hell of it. I wish there was another alt that offered free root domains, but they where the only. Cost maybe unavoidable for this project where i was aiming for a cheap to possible free way to do this. But maybe now not so much, and hunting some of the free sub domain offers kinda suck, or just way to limiting. the project would benfit best form root level domains. So still thinking about how i wish to work around this.

[og post]
The thing with free domain registers is they can be meh to the point of come on, WHY!?!? Seems like I never go the reminder email for the domain and now its gone. I try to mark them in my own calendars but guess that one didn't make it the list somehow, and at the moment they seem to be unreliable to order new ones at this time so knowing my luck it will be snatched up. Oh well...

Again sorry for the delays with my guides, I been very busy here and there with life, and doing other work, and the current failures with the free domain register tosses a wrench in things as they are featured, as the guides are being set up to try to be affordable for smaller private RP groups.

This is not the first time with them, but so far this maybe the longest they been down and least I am able to renew just cant depend on the reminder emails, and you are only given so long to renew when you approach its renewal date. on free domains, and can only do it within those last 14 days when they are due to expire. So a tight window if you forget to set a reminder as their emails ARE NOT RELIABLE!

It has me considering other options, just not a free subdomain one as it's just not idea for the setup the guides have in mind. Again sorry for the delays. 

| by ~./lainmakoto

I am still working on the format of the guide, as well as taking on other projects.
Also, I do work with another grid and a lot of what's been going there has been something great!
I hope to bring some of this work to the build of OpenSIM to be used in the guide.
If all goes well these could include not just the expected improvements to stability and performance.
Some of these notable changes may include a new improved physics engine.
However not set in stone, there are still things to work out, and it may also not happen.
I know I have been taking a long time on this for those that keep coming back. I thank you, and I promise I am working on it.

[Working on the format]
| by ~./lainmakoto

The domain and the legacy URLs will now forward to ORPS.GA.
The legacy URLs will no longer be managed after they expire. Only and will be renewed.
I like short URLs, and I been liking what I been working on here. Things are still not ready and need more time.

I apologize for the delays, I really am sorry. Been dealing with crap in life and been trying to work on a format I like for this.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.
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